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ZaporizhzhiaEAM Cluster

Effective cooperation in the following sectors: Engineering, Automation, Mechanical Engineering

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About the cluster

We work together on the development of the region and our own business

Cluster «Engineering – Automation – Mechanical Engineering»‎ is a non-profit public union that unites entrepreneurs of the region on a voluntary basis.

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    What gives participation in the Cluster

    We coordinate our actions according to a common system of values to solve important industry challenges together. The cluster contributes to the growth of the economic potential of the city of Zaporizhzhia and the region.

    Access to shared cluster assets

    Site, joint funds, joint promotion and stands at exhibitions, etc

    Access to important information

    We provide up-to-date data on market opportunities for cluster members

    We form image and reputation

    We guarantee joint and individual promotion for cluster members

    We develop joint products and solutions

    We jointly develop products, solutions and projects

    We are developing the business of the Zaporizhzhia region together

    Join a community of 50+ companies

    Learn more about our cluster

    Members of the association take part in various activities, which helps to develop their own business

    Mission of the cluster

    The growth of the economic potential of the Zaporizhzhia region due to the increase in the competitiveness of cluster participants and the development of the regional innovation ecosystem of industrial high-tech sectors. The basis of the IAM cluster is the cooperation of a wide range of players in the following economic sectors: Engineering, Automation, Mechanical Engineering.

    1. Establishment of broad cooperation between all categories of cluster participants in order to produce high-tech products with high added value, as well as joint implementation of engineering projects.
    2. Increasing competitiveness and export potential through better and joint implementation of existing export support tools and creation of new opportunities.
    3. Joint solution of a complex of problematic issues of the region in the field of industry and high technologies – such as problems of staff retention, growth of skills and qualifications, investment attraction, creation of new jobs.
    4. Solving issues of improving processes at enterprises and organizations participating in the EAM cluster.
    5. Better cooperation and synergy with regional authorities and local self-government.

    The structure of the cluster includes, but is not limited to, representatives of:

    1. Developers, manufacturers and engineering companies are the main drivers of Industry 4.0 innovations.
    2. Industrial enterprises in the fields of mechanical engineering.
    3. Technical Universities and other educational institutions.
    4. Industrial and technology parks.
    5. Local Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
    6. Bodies of regional government and local self-government.
    7. Regional development agencies.
    8. Development funds.
    9. National business associations in declared fields of specialization.

    Zaporizhzhya Cluster «Engineering – Automation – Mechanical Engineering»

    We are a public non-profit association that unites on a voluntary basis legal entities under private law and individuals on the basis of unity of interests for the realization of the common goal and tasks stipulated by the Charter.

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