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JSC «Zaporozhcran»

JSC «Zaporozhcran» is a specialized plant for the production of bridge, gantry and special cranes and components. The plant was founded in 1928, and since 2005 it has been cooperating with the Finnish corporation Konecranes, a world leader in crane construction and crane equipment service. In 2010, the plant became a full member of Konecranes Corporation. Today, 99% of products are exported worldwide.

JSC «Zaporozhcran» uses the latest production technologies of lifting equipment. With the help of corporate mutual exchange of information and technologies, between the production sites of the corporation, the company launches new products and technologies. The company has unique technologies for the manufacture and repair of crane equipment, which is carried out without its dismantling, development of design and assembly technology of gantry cranes of the «Mark» series and much more.

The corporation pays much attention to the culture of production, as well as practices of lean production such as – 5S, 6 Sigma, Kaizen, Infobox, Konecranes Way. Workers are periodically trained in these practices and run their own projects.

Over the last 10–15 years, more than 100 million uah have been invested, and now the corporation is making new investments in the development of the plant’s machinery and lifting equipment.

In 2011, Konecranes initiated a project to create an industrial park on the territory of the Zaporozhcran plant. The project of the industrial park envisages the unification of production and other enterprises on the territory of the plant through a common infrastructure and mutual production cooperation. This allows all participants in the industrial park to save on infrastructure costs, more efficiently organize industrial production and logistics. Industrial parks combine the features of location and agglomeration: in one place are both suppliers and consumers. At the moment, 3 foreign companies are already working in the industrial park.

Industrial parks are of great importance in innovation and investment development – both in individual regions and in the entire Ukrainian economy.

He has been a member of the EBA Union and the Zaporizhzhia IAM Cluster since January 2020.


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